Strip Curtain Doors and Automated Strip Doors from DMF International

DMF Visiflex Strip Curtain Doors are used in industrial applications for control of temperature, wind, dust and noise and are semi automated

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PVC Strip Curtains and PVC Strip Doors
DMF International carries a large stock of flexible, clear PVC strip curtains and strip doors for use in applications including:

  • PVC strip curtains and doors
  • For climate control to protect against temperature, wind, dust and vermin
  • Clean Rooms
  • Fume Bays
  • Factory Loading Docks
  • Freezer Rooms
  • Cool Rooms
  • Zoning Screens
  • Laboratories
  • Sound Enclosures
  • Transport Industry
  • Proving Rooms
  • Welding Bays
  • Sauna Room
These can be custom made to suit individual specifications, however, are also available in strip sizes from 100 x 2mm to 300 x 5mm, with wider sheets up to 2200mm.

All of DMF International’s plastic strips are HACCP (Australia) endorsed and suitable in food applications.

Benefits of PVC Strip Doors and Strip Curtain Doors

  • All strip doors can be custom made, using a variety of available strip widths and thicknesses
  • Can have varying overlaps to ensure the most suitable product for your application
  • Suitable for pedestrian or forklift access
  • Helps reduce heat or cold air loss
  • Provides noise isolation from equipment, work stations and loading docks in work areas
  • Requires minimal maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • The Visiflex Strip Door can be mounted to accommodate sliding open applications, in various configurations
  • The Accordion Strip Door system strips open within the doorway

Auto BiFlex Automated Strip Doors

  • Exclusive to DMF International
  • Automated strip doors that open by sensor, closing automatically after a preset time
  • Designed for longer life of the PVC strip
  • Highly suitable for heavy forklift traffic
Modular Strip Doors
  • An ex-stock item if you need a strip door in a hurry
  • Only uses 100 x 2mm strips for openings up to 2200mm high
Premflex Strip Doors
  • Available in a range of see through colours as well as clear
  • Suitable for small openings
  • Uses 75mm wide strips with special ribbed overlaps design
Specification sheets are available by contacting DMF International today.
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