Stretch Wrapping Equipment from Optimum Handling Solutions

Stretch wrapping equipment available in manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic models

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Optimum Handling Solutions provide stretch wrapping machines for packing and wrapping pallets and other materials handling. The OHS range of stretch wrapping equipment includes manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic models.

Manual Stretch Wrapping Equipment

  • Entry level powered turntable with stretch wrap carriage and mast with manual or joystick control of film carriage movement
  • Features some auto programs and processes approximately 10-20 pallets per day

Semi Automatic Stretch Wrapping Equipment

  • Range of units from dual program to workhorse units for continuous use with multiple wrapping cycle programs with film saving pre-stretch feature
  • Process approximately 20-100 pallets per day

Fully Automatic Stretch Wrapping Equipment

  • Range of units with fully automatic operation allowing the operator to remain on the forklift
  • Turntable or rotating arm units with in and out feed conveying, suitable for high volume requirements of 100+ pallets per day

Food Equipment Stretch Wrapping Equipment

  • F1 Stainless steel unit with dual automatic wrap cycles

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The OHS range of wrappers are reliable and versatile, and the perfect solution for a range of application, from heavy duty to delicate and special needs. 

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