Standalone and Wireless Data Logging Systems from ETM Pacific

ETM Pacific supply a selection of wired and wireless data logging systems including temperature and humidity data loggers

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The wide range of data loggers supplied by ETM Pacific are suitable for various applications including analysing temperature and humidity data, pulse and water level logging and fully automated warehousing solutions.

Choose from standalone, wired or wireless data loggers
  • Log temperature and humidity in offices, housing or warehouses
  • Use simple current loggers for energy data
  • Determine water levels by using automated metering or radio logging systems
  • Effectively and fully automate warehouse monitoring systems with Radio or LAN loggers
Data logging equipment for all applications
  • ELPRO Ecolog Temperature Data Loggers and Humidity Data Loggers with GMP, GLP and GAMP4 compliance
  • ELPRO Ecolog-Net Central Monitoring system for Warehouses and Cleanrooms
  • Grant Squirrel Multi Channel Data Loggers with sampling rates up to 60Hz
  • Eltek Multi Channel Radio Telemetry Data Loggers
  • ETM NUDL and WUDL GSM, GPRS, SMS enabled Data Logger Systems
Improve quality, cost and environmental outcomes
Using ETM Pacific’s data loggers ensure businesses are effectively and accurately acquiring, storing, communicating and analysing data. Such data is critical to the operation of plant and machinery, as well as the overall business.
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