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Spraying Systems Co. P/L Australia Manufacturers and stockists of industrial Spray Nozzles for: cleaning, cooling, coating, drying, washing, wetting. Sales Engineers in all states to offer problem solving solutions at your location.

AutoJet® Technologies is the systems division of Spraying Systems Co. Spray nozzles can only perform properly if the entire spray system operates efficiently. All system components spray nozzles, pumps, sensors and other hydraulic and pneumatic components must be accurately controlled. AutoJet Technologies was created to engineer turnkey systems that optimize spray performance in order to improve product quality and reduce production costs.

Examples of AutoJet Technologies’ systems include:

  • Fluid Delivery Systems: These low-cost systems provide Entry-level spray control for a variety of spray applications including tank cleaning, conveyor washing and dust control
  • Modular Spray Systems: Engineered from standard spray component kits, Modular Spray System design options including advanced spray control can be specified on-site by your local sales engineer
  • Gas Conditioning Systems: Closed-loop temperature control systems provide precise temperature and humidity control while reducing energy costs, minimizing maintenance and eliminating wet deposits and wet walls
  • SprayCheck™ Monitoring Systems:  AutoJet Spray Systems for critical coating and dosing applications can be equipped with SprayCheck Sensors to verify system performance.  Each spray cycle is documented and logged into the AutoJet Spray Controller’s memory.  Spray failures can activate secondary spray nozzles, trigger alarms or stop production lines to ensure product quality
  • And more!
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