Spray Chilling, Humidification, Tank Washing (TankJet ) and Spray Drying from Spraying Systems Co.

Well constructed tank wash products designed to make tank cleaning more efficient


Spraying Systems Co.® have developed a range of tank wash products that offers a level of tank washing and reliability that very few other tank cleaning equipment can match.

Automated tank cleaning systems for rinsing, sanitising, disinfecting and sterilising tanks

  • Rokon® tank wash nozzles and washers can be configured with the AutoJet® automatic tank cleaning systems
  • TankJet® is designed to minimise operator intervention in the tank cleaning process
  • TankJet® Motor-Driven Tank Washers are powered by electric motors and are capable of cleaning tank up to 24.4m in diameter
  • TankJet® Fluid-Driven Tank Wash Nozzles can clean tanks up to 7.6m in diameter, the rotation of these tank wash nozzles are powered by liquid flow alone
  • TankJet® Fixed Tank Wash Nozzles are designed to offer excellent reliability and dependability, the fixed tank wash nozzles stay in position whilst cleaning tank sup to 6.7m in diameters
  • AutoJet® Tank Cleaning Systems increase productivity and decrease downtime, these automated turnkey tank cleaning systems are capable of monitoring and controlling all cleaning components

Reliable humidification turnkey systems with low installation and operating costs

  • Reliable MiniFoggers® and AirJet® foggers for humidifying
  • Ideal for use in watering and humidifying hot houses, industrial chicken farms and for extending the shelf life of fresh produce by cooling the air, lowering the overall ambient temperature
  • Humidistat accurately measures 5% to 90% RH and can be mounted directly in humidified area

Spray chilling to retain moisture within carcasses during the chilling process

  • Economical way to preserve carcasses, saving money on refrigeration
  • Reduces overall weight loss during overnight chilling so carcasses retain their body
  • Easier to clean premises using this application, as it slows solidification of waste

Spray drying for temperature sensitive materials such as foods, chemicals or pharmaceuticals

  • Involves the production of dried powder from a liquid by rapidly drying it with hot gas
  • SprayDry® nozzles available include core, whirl chamber and swirl chamber designs
  • Versatile and longer wear life nozzles rated at higher standard pressures (10,000 psi or 690 bar)
  • Easy to change over and reduce maintenance times
  • Maintain complete control over particle size and consistency

Spraying Systems Co. range of tank wash products are capable of providing clean in place and portable solutions for a variety of applications including rinsing, sanitising, disinfecting and sterilising tanks.

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