Spill Station’s Range of Spill Containment Pallets, Spill Decks and Drum Handling Equipment

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Bunded Spill Pallet Features

All of the secondary containment equipment in this section is made from 100% polyethylene that provides excellent broadband chemical resistance.

All spill pallets and spill decks are rotomoulded for superior strength.

Weather proof covers are available for all sizes of spill pallet. These covers protect the load and the bunded pallet sump.

All of the bunded pallets in this range meet EPA sump size requirements.

IBC Spill Containment Units

The IBC Spill Containment Units are available in the following sizes:

Single IBC Spill Containment Pallet
Dual IBC Spill Containment Pallet
Dispensing wells, splatter covers, IBC spill pallet weather covers and IBC funnels are also available. All IBC spill pallets come with a drain plug and removable grates as standard.

Spill Pallets for 205 Litre Drums

The range of bunded spill pallets includes:

4 drum standard Spill Pallet Sump=230 litres
4 drum XL Spill Pallet Sump=410 litres
4 drum Pallet Racking Bund Sump=220 litres
4 drum inline Spill Pallet Sump=300 litres
3 drum Spill Pallet Sump=228 litres
2 drum Spill Pallet Sump=240 litres
1 drum Spill Pallet Sump=225 litres
Bunded spill pallet weather covers and ramps are available for all sizes of spill pallet.

Floor Bund Spill Decking

This low profile (150mm) spill containment option can be configured to suit your workplace environment. Floor bund ramps and sump connectors are also available.

The Spill Deck comes in the following sizes:

4 drum square Floor Bund Spill Decking
4 drum inline Floor Bund Spill Decking
2 drum Floor Bund Spill Decking
1 drum Floor Bund Spill Decking (175mm high)
Catchment, Drip and Storage Trays

Spill Station supply a wide range of drip, catchment and storage trays for 25 litre drums and smaller containers.

Bench top trays ideal for laboratory use in two sizes
Extra strong tuff trays for drum storage in two sizes
Standard drip and storage trays in four sizes

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