Spill Response Equipment to Rapidly Neutralise Toxic Chemicals from Enware

Fast-Act, a formulation of safe earth minerals, is the new toxic spill solution with the ability to neutralize a wide range of toxic risks.

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Enware is at the forefront of proactive safety systems, emergency response and environmental solutions. Their EH&S range of high quality products are manufactured to meet your site’s safety and environmental obligations. 

Spill Control Systems

A new age for spill response availible from Enware. Protection of people and the environment is paramount in any spill related incident. The response to hazardous spills has received an unprecedented safety boost with the release of Fast-Act.

Fast-Act is a proprietary formulation of safe earth minerals capable of neutralising a wide range of toxic chemicals.

Instead for just containing hazardous spills, with Fast-Act spill response equipment you will be neutralising the risk.

Developed in the US as a response to toxic and chemical warfare agents, the technology is now available for industrial, laboratory, emergency response and public protection applications.

Fast-Act is effective against a wide range of toxic chemicals including (but not limited to):

  • Acids (including Hydrofluoric)
  • Halogenated Compounds
  • Phosphorus Compounds
  • Acidic and Caustic gases (including (H2S)
  • Organic Compounds

Fast-Act Environmentally Friendly Spill Response Kits

  • Fast-Act neutralises both liquid and vapour contaminants in air, soil and water
  • Rapid acting upon contact, reduces threat to life
  • Safe non toxic, non corrosive, non flammable and environmentally friendly – dry powder formulation
  • Easy to operate portable delivery system
  • No special training required to deploy

Available in pressurised cylinder, shaker bottle or bulk pail packages to best suit your application.

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