Specialised Displacement Measurement Sensors from Bestech Australia

High precision displacement sensors for industrial applications


Bestech Australia offers over 10 different technologies to measure displacement, distance, dimensions, position, thickness, elongation, deflection, tilt, deformation, profile, contour, stroke, oscillation, vibration or run-out. Each displacement measurement technology has its own advantage in different applications.

Compact sensor design with wide range of target surfaces

  • Obtain high resolution, measuring frequency and excellent linearity with laser displacement measurement sensors
  • Accurate readings of moving objects as Laser Line 2d/ 3d Profile Scanner generates 3 dimensional representation
  • Measure dimension of a target or position of an edge using shadow principle with laser micrometers, which has a high sampling rate
  • Measure position of electrically conducting target precisely and with high resolution with the capacitive sensors
  • Eddy current sensors are suitable for fast applications and is insensitive to dirt
  • LVDTS and linear inductive transducers provides actual measurement acquisition takes place without contact and is wear free
  • Choose from analogue or digital output Pull Wire/ Draw Wire/ String Pot, which can easily be mounted for any application


  • Wafer Fabrication
  • Steel strip mill
  • Metals Industry
  • Lumber
  • Road Profiling
  • Thickness measurement
  • Concrete block profile
  • Steel slab width
  • Bridge height
  • Forest Products
  • Hoist
  • Cattle Industry
  • Sawmill Automation
  • Scanning Logging trucks
  • Truck trailer

Bestech Australia have the right sensor for every displacement measurement application, combining competitive prices and excellent performance.

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