Sorghum from Pacific Seeds

High performance Midge Tested resilient Sorghum varieties from Pacific Seed developments offer exceptional yield potential and versatility.

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Certified official Midge Tested grain Sorghum varieties from Pacific Seeds offers high performance growth and yield even in difficult cultivation conditions.Producing quality results and control of midge outbreaks with certified testing from the Queensland Department of Primary Industries (QDPI), Pacific Seeds quality hybrids ensure an effective assessment for your quality reassurance.High performance MR-Buster with consistent yield capability Medium maturity hybrid for versatile planting Effectively adapted to a diverse range of soil types Large heavier grain weights for high yield potential and lower screeningStrong standability and midge resilience with Pacific MR43 Exceptional growth and maturity in harsher dryland conditions Developed with attractive large open heads and heavier golden grain for a simpler harvest process Suitable for early planting with little leaf reaction to organophosphate insecticidesReliable and well adapted MR-Bazley Strong standability with large heavy grain for consistent results Intelligently adapted to all soil types for unrivalled compatibility Applicable to solid and wide rows for quick and easy integrationQuality top end year growth ability with MR-Eclipse Remains very high stay green for performance in tough environments and helps evolve soil moisture for positive grain cultivation Reliable seedling vigour and crop emergence for early plantings High Midge Tested Rating for resilience to attacks even on later plantingsRobust bright red grains with MR-Taurus Suited for early or late planting with high yield for combination growers Medium to quick maturity for efficient results Strong standability rating for a quality harvestable fieldEnsuring the highest of standards, Pacific Seeds Sorghum carries the official “Midge Tested” symbol to identify the level of midge resistance.

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