Solar Powered GPRS Security Cameras from Hidden Camera Surveillance Services

GPRS security cameras that are either battery or solar powered, providing advanced image technology


Security Camera Systems
The Solar Powered Remote Surveillance Cameras are a wire free image monitoring solution for remote or unattended locations.

These security cameras are solar powered making the cameras completely independent of external power and the captured images are sent via an inbuilt GPRS modem to a PC, mobile phone, or monitoring station.

Monitoring can be performed by an authorised agent (alarm security company) or users can monitor one or any number of Solar Cams via Hidden Camera Surveillance Services’ server. A low monthly server access fee will apply.

These battery or solar powered GPRS security cameras are also equipped with a Telephoto lens to enable the camera to be mounted out of reach or sight, and a wireless motion detector activates the camera from up to 80m away.

The Solar Cam surveillance camera systems can also operate in time lapse mode for applications such as Traffic or Culvert monitoring, Machinery Surveillance, Councils, Building and Mining sites or basically any security application imaginable.   

All images are concurrently stored to an internal 2-8GB SD memory card as a backup meaning that time lapse or Motion Activated Time an Date stamped pictures (password protected) cam be accessed directly from the camera or remotely by logging in from your PC.  

Features of Solar Powered GPRS Security Cameras

  • Complete wire free solution for remote monitoring and surveillance
  • No power required
  • Fully integrated wireless activated digital camera with GPRS modem
  •  Images are sent immediately to mobile phone, PC, Remote Server or Monitoring Station
  • Operates for up to 11 weeks in cloudy conditions (sending 100 images per day) otherwise the 20W solar panel will keep the internal battery permanently charged
  • Full control and configuration of the camera via SMS commands
  • Battery operated wireless motion detector activates the camera up to 80m away and operates for 27 weeks (200 triggers/day) before recharging is required
  • Choice of 3 telephoto lenses to identify intruders or registration plates
  • All images are concurrently stored on an internal removable 2GB SD card (soon to be upgraded to 8GB) or 250,000 time and date stamped JPEG images
  • Weatherproof housing with sun shield, solar panel, both with adjustable mounts

The Solar Cam surveillance cameras are suitable for traffic cams, residential and commercial security, culvert surveillance, councils, graffiti, bush dumping, construction and livestock monitoring, mining, machinery surveillance, prohibited areas, traffic and water tables.

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