SNH Emergency Stop Buttons for Machines and Systems

Emergency stop buttons, a must for machines and systems to activate the cessation of a dangerous motion and bring the machine to a safe position.

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The SNH emergency stop buttons are important components for overall solutions in safety technology. The SNH series have modular design whereby various actuating elements can be freely combined with the chosen contact design.

SNH emergency stop buttons 

  • Can be used up to a safety category 4
  • Preformance level e or SIL 3
  • Satisfy all current safety standards
  • Can be used in a wide range of industries from packing to elevators
  • Built-in or surface-mount
  • Variations with intergrated LED lighting
  • Blocking sleeves are available to avoid accidental shutdown
  • Can be used for protection degrees up to IP 69K

A separate contact element monitors the safe connection between the emergency stop button and the switching contacts. This will avoid accidental failure and prevents the buttons from being circumvented.

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