Slurry Control Dart Valves by Dual Valves Australasia

Ensure that your slurry is controlled easily and simply with the eDart range of control valves supplied by Dual Valves.


eDart Slurry Control Dart Valves is represented in Australia and New Zealand by Dual Valves Australasia Pty Ltd.

eDart Slurry Valves was established in 1993 with the primary purpose of providing specialist and customisable slurry control valves to serve the mineral processing industry.

Experts in instrumentation and control systems
The Directors of eDart Slurry Valves boast extensive field experience and expertise in instrumentation and control issues.

eDart Slurry Valves offer customised wiring of technical software and other computational fluid design services encompassing not only slurry valves but also for purposes of developing new products to suit customers specific requirements.

eDart Single External Dart Valves

  • Body fully customised to plant layout
  • Valve can be fully services in situ
  • Simple maintenance
  • Anti-rotation device
  • Stroke indication

eDart Dual External Dart Valves

  • Body Fabricated Carbon/Stainless Steels or Cast Ductile Iron
  • Front left/right, side or vertical outlet
  • Cage guided plugs
  • Inspection/thief sampler port
  • Valve can be fully services in situ
  • Simple maintenance
  • Anti-rotation device
  • Stroke indication

Inline eDart Valves

  • Compact design
  • Fine control
  • Linear characteristic
  • Flow-over the plug to reduce wear
  • Bellows sealing on shaft
  • Piston pneumatic actuator with double O-Ring seal
  • Removable bonnet
  • Anti-rotation device
  • Stroke indication

Self Contained Dart Valves

  • Self contained
  • Control or on/off applications
  • Customisable design
  • Full head guiding
  • Anti-rotation device
  • Stroke indication

Slurry Control Dart Valves are suitable for plant retrofits, flotation level control, distribution box level control, in line slurry control, smart splitter boxes, small flotation machines and conditioner tanks.

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