SK 200E Decentralized Frequency Inverters from NORD Drivesystems

Decentralized frequency inverters for manufacturing and industrial applications

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Decentralized Frequency Inverters from Nord Drivesystems
The robust systems ensure reliable and price-efficient operation. 
Applications of Decentralized Frequency Inverter
Nord’s range of decentralized frequency inverters are suitable for a wide range of plants, such as conveying systems and have been optimized for price-sensitive market segments.
SK 200E Decentralized Frequency Inverters Feature:
  • Sensorless current vector control
  • An integrated brake chopper
  • A control module for an electromagnetic brake
SK 200E decentralized frequency inverters are mounted atop a motor’s terminal box, thus creating combined, fully integrated drive units suitable for use in the field.
Configuration and programming are especially user-friendly. Despite their focus on cost-sensitive applications, the units are not limited to basic functions, but actually provide the same wide functional range as the proven enclosure-mounted SK 5xxE inverters. Even faced with higher requirements, users can therefore install SK 2xxE units throughout a plant, benefiting from unified operation.
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