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Applied Measurement is Australia number 1 RACELOGIC VBOX Dealer specialising in Motorsport, Mining and Vehicle Test Engineer applications. VBOX is internationally recognised as a quality standard in the measurement of speed and distance for braking, performance, handling and automotive testing.  

Applied Measurement Australia also offer a range of GPS simulators for GPS device calibration or end of line testing. With the ability to synchronise GPS with video, CAN and IMU data, VBOX systems are the choice of test departments at almost every vehicle and tyre manufacturer worldwide. 

Due to the small size and simple installation procedure, the VBOX is ideally suited for use in cars, bikes, off-road vehicles and boats:

  • Brake testing
  • ADAS Validation
  • Electronic Stability Control (FMVSS126) Testing
  • Aquaplane Testing
  • Coastdown
  • Lane Departure Warning System Testing
  • Centerline Deviation Testing
  • Marine Testing 
  • Mining Systems Monitoring. 

Our newly released VBOX3i dual antenna with RTK measures speed, position, acceleration, distance, slip angle and vehicle pitch/roll angle to a very high degree of accuracy and can be used in a much greater number of test scenarios. The VB3iSL-RTK is ideal for validating Advanced Driver Assistance Systems such as adaptive cruise control, lane departure warning, collision mitigation and blind spot detection.

LabSat by Racelogic is a low cost GPS Simulator (with GLONASS and BeiDou option) which gives you the ability to record and replay real GPS RF data, allowing you to test almost any GPS device with real world signals, from your bench. You can also generate ‘perfect’ signals with our SatGen constellation simulation software.

If you are selling, testing or developing products using single GPS or multi-GNSS engines incorporating GLONASS, Galileo or BeiDou, then you’ll find LabSat makes your job easier and more effective.

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