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Excellent Linearity, High input impedance

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The Standard MAS10 Signal Conditioner combines a regulated excitation power supply with low level amplifier providing both voltage and current outputs. The strain gauge option adds bridge completion for ¼ and ½ bridge inputs suitable for stress analysis.

Excitation is regulated over a broad range for compatibility with miniature sensors as well as commonly available pressure, force, torque and acceleration transducers. Excitation current is sufficient to drive up to four 350Ω load cells in multi-load cell applications.

The MAS10 features high stability, suitable for most industrial and research applications:

  • Torque, Force and Load Cells
  • Pressure Transducers
  • Level and Flow transducers
  • Strain Gage option for stress Analysis
  • Force/ Pressure Verification Systems
  • Indicators, Recorders, Control Systems
  • Scales and Weighing Systems
  • High Speed Data Collection Systems

Compatible with most load cells, pressure sensors, torque transducers, displacement and other transducers with strain gauge outputs:

  • Excellent Linearity, High input impedance
  • Selectable outputs of ±10V, 0/10V and ±5V
  • Output of 4-20mA, concurrent with -10V to +10V
  • Zero Suppression up to ±100%

All inputs and outputs are surge-protected for factory and field installations. Gain is set by links (7 combinations) plus continuous adjustment for best stability over the wide dynamic range of inputs and outputs provided by MAS10.

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