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The SICK AppSpace eco-system
offers the freedom and flexibility to implement customized requirements with
tailor-made sensor apps. This enables completely new and adaptive solutions in
industrial automation. Programmable devices constitute the hardware. The SICK
AppStudio and SICK AppManager software tools are used to develop and manage the
sensor apps. The SICK AppSpace Developers Club offers support and promotes
developer networking.

SICK AppSpace software

Software for creating
and managing tailor-made application solutions

The SICK AppSpace eco-system contains two software tools. SICK AppStudio is
used for developing sensor apps on programmable sensors and Sensor Integration
Machines (SIM). SICK AppManager supports service technicians in the field in
the simple implementation and management of sensor apps.

Programmable devices

Programmable devices for
tailor-made application solutions

devices such as sensors or Sensor Integration Machines for connecting external
sensors or streaming cameras constitute the main component of the SICK AppSpace
ecosystem. Sensor apps – tailor-made applications software – are loaded onto
the programmable devices and run by the AppEngine. An integrated web server
enables display of a user interface on a browser-compatible

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