Shaker Bag Filter Dust Extraction Systems from Polex Environmental Engineering

The Shaker Bag dust extraction system operates similarly to the Reverse Pulse model.

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The Polex Modular Dust Extractor is from the robust and efficient range of dust collectors. Shaker Bag Filter Dust Extractors are ideal for intermittent operation as the filters are cleaned after the fan is stopped.

The Modular Dust Extraction System Works in the following ways:

  • Polluted air enters through the side panels under the filters and directed upwards through the inside of the cylindrical bag filters
  • Larger dust particles drop out into the hopper, whilst the finer particles continue into the cylindrical bag filters
  • Cleaned air enters the clean-air chamber where a shaker mechanism is located
  • Using vibratory action, the shaker mechanism is vital in releasing the dust from within the filters
  • Cleaned air is discharged into the atmosphere or through discharge ductwork

Corrosion Resistant Dust Collectors

  • The legs on the dust collectors are hot dip galvanised to protect against corrosion
  • The dust collectors have smooth internal surfaces to minimise dust hang-up in the filter chamber and hopper
  • Polex bag filters are made from heavy duty Polyester Needlefelt (550 g/m² filter weight)
  • All dust collectors are supplied with anti-static media
  • All Polex dust collector sub-assemblies fit within standard shipping containers and can be transported within road limits for trucks
Polex Shaker Bag Filter Dust Extraction Systems are 100% modular, 1090mm deep and 1090mm wide. Filter capacities are between 15 m² to 1000 m² with airflow capacities ranging from 1000 m³/h (single module) to 120,000 m³/h (40 module system).
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