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As well as focusing on
increasing productivity, intelligent machine design also delivers optimum
quality and safety. sens:Control safe control solutions by SICK meet these
requirements. The product portfolio includes safe sensor cascades, safety
controllers, Motion Control safety controllers, and safety relays. The products
impress with easy commissioning, modularity, and optimum integration into
automation processes for optimum interaction between human and machine.

Safe sensor cascade

Cost-saving, safe sensor
cascade with diagnostic function

The Flexi Loop can cascade up to 32 sensors while maintaining the highest
performance level e. Safety switches and safety sensors with OSSD outputs can
be used together regardless of the sensor manufacturer.

In addition, for each sensor or switch there are detailed diagnostic
information available. Integrated switching signals allow for the use of
interlocks, switches and lamps. All sensors are supplied with power directly
from the Flexi Loop. Unscreened standard cables are used with M12 plugs. In
total Flexi Loop guarantees the highest level of security. Cascading sensors
reduces the amount of wiring and the number of safety inputs in the control
cabinet. It also provides a comprehensive diagnostic check of all doors,
emergency stop pushbuttons and sensors. In conjunction with the Flexi Soft and
the Flexi Classic, the entire safety application is able to cost-effectively
meet customer needs.

Safety controllers

Simple, easy-to-use
safety controllers

SICK’s safety controllers provide straightforward, flexible, and scalable
solutions for the implementation of intelligent machine design. Flexi safety
controllers create a modular hardware platform without the use of complex
software. They are user-friendly and provide the ideal basis for easy
integration of all safety control components. Their compact design makes these
safety controllers optimally suited for a variety of applications.

Safety relays

The adequate solution
for every application

wide range of safety solutions from SICK from a single-channel emergency stop
pushbutton to a safety laser scanner with PNP outputs can be connected to
safety relays. Safety relays are ideal for flexible and cost-effective machine
integration. The extensive portfolio of safety products from SICK offers the
right solution for virtually any application.

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