Secondary Case Packaging and Film Wrapping from SICK

High performing Secondary Case Packaging and Film Wrapping solutions for effective food manufacturing.


Helping you produce consistent results within your secondary packaging process, SICK industry leading food production technology removes potential error and waste, saving time and money.

Powerful detection and measuring of case fulfilment with JEF Laser Measurement Sensors

  • 3D Laser Scanners are able to scan cases moving or still to ensure that cases are accurately filled with product and within the correct position.
  • Ensuring a high quality product is delivered using in line completeness process control
  • Reduced production stops with easy format change over using machine HMI

Intelligent Inspector Vision Sensors confirm date bar code presence on packages

  • Effective control of the presence and quality of “best before” and “use by” dates printed on packaging.
  • Eliminate unscheduled production stops by verifying all dates once printed
  • Removes potential consumer complaints by ensuring dates are present
  • Maintain constant production using the durable and rapid pattern match tool
  • Reduce installation time with easy to program intuitive parameterization of the vision sensor
  • Lower costs by recognising potential production problems through trending and analysis
  • Record and monitor user events in production with the Inspector viewer

Coordinating correct product and packaging with LECTOR620 Image Based Code Readers

  • Protecting consumer health and eliminated complaints to ensure that the correct packaging, label or leaflet is used by using a linear or 2D Matrix code matching the correct components together.
  • Simple integration with function button, auto setup and aiming laser reduces training and installation costs
  • Eliminate customer dissatisfaction by controlling and verifying every packaged product
  • Minimising error and incurred waste during product change-over and verification of the packaging material
  • Reduce costs by managing production problems thought read rate performance and code quality analysis
  • Increase productivity by removing unplanned downtime using the cloning back-up functionality

Accelerating automation with SICK bar code scanners verification right after printing

  • High performance Scanners maintain continuous process flow by verifying correct barcode information and readability immediately after printing.
  • Intelligent Code reconstruction algorithm increases reading quality and production output
  • Easy installation with intuitive parameterization of the bar code readers
  • Avoid customer complaint by verifying the readability of each bar code
  • Fail proofing production with cloning back-up functionality, reducing expensive down time
  • Lower hardware cost using the integrated networking functionality

Food production efficiency with Secondary Packaging solutions that reliably verify, measure, detect and identify essential components of an optimised process flow.

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