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Environmental/ Agricultural
We provide a variety of environmental, agricultural and water quality solutions ranging from field instruments, deployed probes and automated laboratory instruments. Some of our products include economy meters, logging meters, towed vehicles, handheld multi-parameters; grab samplers, refrigerated samplers, flow meters, nitrate monitors, weather stations, soil moisture meters, turf colour meters and sprayer stations. Our vendors include YSI, Isco, Sigrist, LI-COR, Julabo, KEM, Gerhardt, Milestone, Spectrum Technologies and The Mighty Gripper.

Our Bioscience products range from basic laboratory equipment through to specialised instrumentation for Molecular Biology. Some of our Bioscience products include easy cell density measurement, automated cell line analysers, nutrient/waste analysers, micro 搒ample homogeniser and automated LC & SPE. Our vendors include Innovatis, YSI, Heidolph, New Brunswick Scientific, Advanced Instruments and Transgenomic. 

Laboratory Instruments
We have a large range of solutions for laboratories including centrifuges, freeze dryers, vacuum equipment, (including gauges and pumps) rotary evaporators, condenser chillers, microwave synthesis, stirrers, shakers, water baths, temperature circulators, density meters, pipettes, mercury analysers, refractometers, gas leak detectors, rotary vane pumps, reactors and laboratory mills. Our vendors include Gilson, Heidolph, Martin Christ, Fritsch, Julabo, Alcatel, Sensistor, Vacuubrand, Sigma, KEM, Atago and New Brunswick Scientific.

Food, Feed and Beverage
Our Food, Feed and Beverage solutions range from dairy testing for herd improvements through to grain testing and gluten analysis. Some of our products include refractometers, fibre analysers, incubators, fat analysers, dairy analysers, cell counters, centrifuges, water samplers, water turbidimeters, beer and wine age testers, water baths, centrifuges, pipettes and CO2 measurement. Our vendors include Atago, Ankom, Gerhardt, Advanced Instruments, NDC, Parr, Delta Instruments, Sigrist, Heidolph, YSI, KEM, Vacuubrand, Sigma, Gilson, and A&D Mercury.

We have a large range of solutions for the Petroleum industry including: flash point testers, centrifuges, accelerated sulphate ashing, refractometers, leak detectors, Karl Fisher moister titrators, petroleum testers, viscosity, vacuum systems, colour measurement and particle counters. Our vendors include Stanhope Seta, Sigma, Milestone, Atago, KEM, Mantech, Sensistor, ISL and Vacuubrand.

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