Safety Switches from SICK

Durable, flexible and reliable Safety Switches from SICK deliver trusted industrial safety.

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Leading Safety Switches that meet the quality and stringent regulation requirements for modern industrial applications, SICK intelligence ensure continuous performance and flexibility for your system.

Developed for tamper-proof safety while remaining easy to install and adaptable for multiple switches to be implemented or customised to specifications.

Electro-Mechanical Safety Switches

Reliably monitory movable guards and compatible with sens:Control for complete control from a single source.

  • Safety switches with separate actuator: Available plastic or metal housing and rigid or mobile actuators, with an IP 67 enclosure rating for sliding or rotating door protection and removable protective covers
  • Safety locking devices: Using spring or magnetic force locks to reliably maintain that safety guards are locked until a dangerous area can be entered
  • Safety position switches: Identifies hazardous movements even at high speeds using a positive connection with the safety switch
  • Safety hinge switches: Intelligently monitors rotating protective systems including flaps and swivelling doors

Non-Contact Safety Switches
Durable shock and vibration resilience and tamper proof design, these switches offer precision guidance in difficult applications.

  • Magnetic safety switches: Extremely easy cleaning ensures these switches are suitable for use in contamination zones or controlled hygiene applications
  • Transponder safety switches: Intensive tamper protection and impressive response range for increased system availability or mounting
  • Inductive safety switches: Accurately determines position and work with a non contact basis

Safety Command Devices
Contingency planning, these products offer critical safety from dangerous movements.

  • Emergency stop pushbuttons: Available with protective collar to prevent accidental trigger
  • Rope pull switches: With up to 75m of rope length to ensure hazardous movements are stopped over long distances
  • Enabling switches: Configured as 3 stage functional structure to provide essential safety for critical machine functions

A comprehensive range with diverse options ensures the most compatible product can be applied to your system for optimised performance, reliability and essential safety.

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