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Safety switches are indispensable in any application where safety is
required for people and machinery. They are used for protecting movable physical
guards, determining the position of dangerous movements, and the safe stop
function. The portfolio is divided into electro-mechanical and non-contact
safety switches, safety locking devices, and safety command devices.

In conjunction with safe control solutions, SICK offers ideal complete
solutions from a single source.

Electro-mechanical safety switches

Established monitoring
economical and reliable

Electro-mechanical safety switches monitor movable physical guards both
efficiently and reliably. The portfolio consists of three product groups:
safety position switches, safety hinge switches, and safety switches with a
separate actuator. This variety ensures the right solutions are available for a
range of applications. In conjunction with sens:Control safe control
solutions, SICK offers ideal complete solutions from a single source.

Non-contact safety switches

intelligent solutions

Non-contact safety switches are ideal in applications where precise
guidance of guards is difficult. Due to their design, they are extremely long-lasting
devices that require minimal maintenance. In addition, they are resistant to
shock and vibrations and offer a high level of prevention against tampering.
Our range of non-contact safety switches includes magnetic, transponder and
inductive safety switches. Rectangular and cylindrical types are available for
each sensor principle.

Safety locking devices

Safe and reliable door
monitoring with high locking force

Safety locking devices lock protective devices securely and prevent access
to areas which are protected by protective devices. Safety locking devices can
be relied upon to prevent people from opening protective devices until
dangerous states (machine overrun movements, for example) have passed or
machine processes that cannot be interrupted have been completed.

Safety command devices

SICK safety command devices
ideal solutions for stop and start

command devices from SICK ensure that dangerous movements are reliably stopped
or critical machine functions are reliably initiated. SICK portfolio of
safety command devices includes four major product groups: emergency stop
pushbuttons, reset pushbuttons, rope pull switches and enabling switches. The
wide product range enables users to choose different functions based on their
application needs.

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