Safe and Chemical Resistant Drip, Storage and Catchment Trays from Spill Station Australia

Spill trays can be used for storage of containers, drums and chemicals as well as spill containment


Spill Station specialise in spill control equipment including drip, storage, catchment and spill trays in a range of bench-top and industrial sizes.

No matter the size, Spill Station has a tray for your need
Whether you need a contained bench tray or a large tray for storing drums, Spill Station has a spill control tray for your requirement. Other features include:

  • Benchtop spill trays safely store benchtop items which may contain hazardous chemicals, built with 100% chemically resistant polyethylene, making them suitable for laboratories
  • Large Tuff Trays are ideal for safely storing small drums of up to 205 litres as well as batteries and machine parts, chemically resistant rotomoulded polyethylene trays are designed with a ribbed base, providing extra strength and spill containment
  • Drip Trays store small containers as well as contain drips from machinery, perfect for use in cleaner’s rooms and automotive workshops

Spill Station Drum Trays reduce Hazardous spills within the workplace
Spill Station also offer Drum Trays which reduce hazardous spills in the workplace with the ability to handle 205 litre drums. They are also ideal for decanting from drums with rotary pumps

Spill Station’s range of trays provide a safe decanting area and are ideal for both laboratory and big industrial applications including manufacturing, construction and mining.

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