Rydell supplies conveyor belts to suit all types of Grape Harvesters

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Rydell are a specialist conveyor belt supplier for many industries and applications. They are a recognised market leader in the supply of PVC and rubber replacement Grape Harvester Belts.

Their range consists of belts to suit Discharge, Cross Feed, Transfer, Pick Up and Elevator applications and are available in a range of lengths, widths and belt construction all designed to suit the various popular grape harvesters on the market.

Rydell also stock and supply a wide variety of conveyor belt fasteners (galvanised and stainless steel) to suit these conveyor belts.

Rydell conveyor belts are suitable for a range of brands in grape harvesting
Rydell can supply grape harvester belts to suit the following makes:

  • UR
  • Gregoire
  • Nairn
  • Pellenc
  • Braud
  • Korvan & Chisolm Ryder

Rydell belts are custom fabricated with a wide variety of top cover cleating, top cover edge profiles and bottom cover tracking guides.  

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