Rotary Screw Air Compressors

Rotary screw air compressors from Caps Australia are uncomplicated to install and are available in numerous models of different capacity

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Reciprocating Air

CAPS extensive range
of rotary screw air compressors offers the very best of time-proven designs and
technologies that include advanced, state-of-the-art features to ensure a
continuous supply of electronic and reliable high-quality compressed air.

As the sole
distributor of Ingersoll Rand air compressors in Australia, you can trust CAPS
to deliver unsurpassed levels of reliability, efficiency and productivity in any
industrial or commercial setting. With unlimited options and customisation
capabilities, CAPS will find a smarter solution to meet your specific requirements
and needs.


  • A generous
    range of rotary screw air compressor size options, from 5.5 to 350 kW
  • Integrated,
    advanced yet simple designs
  • Standard
    or custom-build options
  • Large
    selection of oil-free compressors available
  • Maximum
    efficiency and reliable performance otentially saving you thousands off annual
    energy costs
  • Easy,
    fuss-free installation and maintenance
  • Heavy duty
    construction, engineered to withstand Australia often harsh environmental
  • An extensive
    portfolio of compressor spare parts available for immediate despatch from 13
    locations across Australia

Available Range

  • Ingersoll Rand
    Infinity Series air compressor

    • 5.5 to 11 kW
  • Ingersoll Rand UP
    Series air compressor

    • 15 to 37 kW
    • 2.41 to 6.2 m3/min
  • Ingersoll Rand UP-TAS
    Series air compressor

    • 5.5 to 37 kW
    • 0.82 to 6.2 m3/min
  • Ingersoll Rand SSR
    Series air compressor

    • 45 to 75 kW
    • 7.4 to 13 m3/min
  • Ingersoll Rand R
    Series air compressor

    • 90 to 160 kW
    • 16.7 to 28.5 m3/min
  • Ingersoll Rand SSR/M
    Series air compressor

    • 185 to 250 kW
    • 34.3 to 43.9 m3/min
  • Ingersoll Rand
    Nirvana VSD air compressor

    • 37 to 160 kW
    • 1.7 to 28.1 m3/min
  • Ingersoll Rand Two-Stage
    air compressor

    • 90 to 350 kW
    • 10.1 to 69.2 m3/min
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