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Encoders and inclinometers can be used for numerous industrial measuring tasks. They can reliably monitor rotational speed or detect the position, direction or angle of rotation.

Contactless encoders are parameterizable and maintenance and wear-free. They provide optimum repeatability, resolution and linearity within a broad temperature range. Turck’s innovative IP67/IP69K9K contactless encoders are fully potted to provide encoder solutions in the harshest environments.
Rotary encoders accurately measure rotation speed, sense, position, angle and length. Turck rotary encoders are available in incremental, absolute or absolute multi-turn configurations, hollow or solid shafts and in various sizes with diameters from 24 mm to 102 mm.

Inclinometers detect the angle of inclination on a machine or piece of equipment. Turck’s rugged inclinometers feature MEMs technology for fast, accurate measurement and are available in multiple angular ranges and with many output and communication configurations.

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Contactless encoder with IO-Link

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