Robust and Reliable Magnetic Lifters from AMF Magnetics

Magnetic lifters from AMF Magnetics are a strong and effective alternative to traditional lifting equipment.


AMF Magnetic’s range of magnetic lifters are safe, reliable and efficient lifting facilities, ideal for use in factories, warehouses, docks and transportation.

Tough, strong and reliable Magnetic Lifters

  • Lift an extensive array of materials including plate steel, cylindrical loads and other plant equipment
  • Safety factor of 3:1, safety is the priority
  • Contain powerful, rare earth neodymium magnets that don’t lose their magnetism over time
  • Easy to operate with the inbuilt sturdy handle, there’s no need for electrical wires or batteries, the magnets do all the work
  • Robust construction requires no servicing
For efficient operation every time, AMF Magnetics use the strongest industrial magnets available, requiring no electricity or servicing, Magnetic Lifters are the perfect lifting alternative to traditional mechanical lifting equipment.

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