RFID from Gamma Solutions


At Gamma Solutions we pride ourselves on keeping up with the latest technologies. Our Intermec certified RFID service engineers can assist you in performing the full set of RFID deployment services, all of which are an important requirement in the operation of the selected RFID readers and RFID tags.

Our RFID Deployment Services cover:

  • RFID Process Analysis
  • RFID Site Analysis
  • RFID Installation 

RFID Process Analysis 
The complicated array of environmental variables — radio frequency propagation characteristics, tag types, adhesives, surface reflective characteristics, packaging types, container types, etc. — is only one of several difficult aspects of RFID implementation to consider when evaluating RFID processes.
Gamma Solutions will work with you to validate the business case for RFID. We will provide recommendations for hardware configurations, including type, quantity, and placement.

RFID Site Analysis 
Gamma Solutions will conduct a Spectrum Analysis to determine the presence and level of any existing RF interference. We will also validate the hardware recommendations from the Process Analysis to ensure proper operation of the system. By tagging and reading your products, under actual conditions, we’ll determine read range capabilities and needs

RFID Installation
Gamma Solutions can assist in the installation of your fixed readers, antennas, and direct precise construction of portals, light arrays, and other equipment, according to the results of the Site Analysis. Everything will be tested in order to ensure that all components of the system are operating according to your expectations.

Intermec  –  RFID Product Suite
Intermec offers a complete RFID product suite including readers, printers, tags, labels and inlays supported by RFID implementation services to guarantee system performance, all from a single source. Designed for global use, Intermec supports EPC Gen 2, and ISO 18000 6b and 6c standards and meets ETSI and FCC RF certifications. Our certified compatibility with enterprise software such as IBM®, SAP®, Oracle®, Sun, Microsoft® BizTalk Server makes integration for customers seamless. Intermec’s innovative product designs help meet the needs of particular use cases such as the RFID Forklift with integrated computer, reader and antennas.

Intermec RFID Tags, Inserts and Smart Labels
Intermec high-performance, durable tag and label products have a proven track record in a variety of applications.  

Intermec RFID Fixed Readers
Smart RFID readers to reduce the communications burden on your network or servers. 

Intermec RFID Vehicle Mount Readers
Where true mobility meets the convenience of hands-free scanning with little or no human intervention. 

Intermec RFID Printers
With an Intermec RFID printer, print and encode smart labels to enable RFID tracking for quick and accurate data collection.

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