Rent from a Vast Range of Electrical Power Test and Measurement Equipment

Electrical and Power Testing products from TechRentals available for loan or purchase from a range of brands for numerous applications.


TechRentals offer a wide range of electrical power testing products from leading brands including Holaday, Megger, HV Diagnostics, Hioki, Ponovo, CHK, Dranetz, Fluke, Omicron, Yokogawa, and T&R.

Detect faults on power lines with ease

  • Verify electrical insulation in a cable, electric motor, transformer or other wired assembly
  • Detect and isolate faults on transmission and distribution lines by opening and closing circuit breakers, perform time delay functions
  • Perform time delay functions
  • Calculate operating conditions on an electrical circuit and trip circuit breakers when a fault is found  
  • Measure the total resistance of a product insulation system once manufactured, installed or repaired
  • Conduct preventative maintenance
  • Predict if a motor, cable or component is due to fail
  • PAT testing

TechRentals also provide complete asset management, set-up and download services. Download the Equipment Solutions Guide to view the entire range of electrical power testing products for hire or purchase.

TechRentals now offers the Megger MOM2 Micro-ohmmeter to rent.  Read more at

TechRentals now offers the Fluke 1738 three phase power quality and energy logger to rent.  Read more at

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