Remote Power Reboot Switches and Power Distribution by Interworld Electronics

Shut down and restart computer systems off sight with help from remote reboot switches, power distribution and console equipment

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Interworld Electronics’ range of Remote Power Management and Power Cycle and Reboot Products allow the power supplied to computer and network equipment to be monitored, managed and controlled from a remote location. 

Contingency planning, ensure your power supply is always available
The PTS Series Power Transfer Switch automatically switches equipment to a backup power source.

  • Cost effective redundant supply control
  • Robust Out-Of-Phase Switching
  • 100% Up-Time

Reduce Energy Costs and Consumption
A cost effective method to restart remote devices, it gives users or administrators the ability to perform this function from anywhere.

  • Manage expenses related to powering IT equipment by controlling rebooting and booting
  • Monitor power to equipment and automatically notify administrators when changes in current levels, temperature, circuit breaker status or other factors exceed user-defined thresholds
  • Total power usage on each circuit can be graphically displayed to show spikes or drops in current, voltage and temperature. 

Environmental by reducing Carbon Footprint
Whether you focus on reducing your carbon footprint or the utility bill, power monitoring and distribution equipment can provide the data you need.

  • Power Monitoring and Management
  • Reports kWh, kW, Amps, Volts, Temperature
  • 16 Amp and 32 Amp Input Power Circuits, 10 Amp and 15 Amp Output Circuits
  • Access to Remote Boot Devices can be via Dial-Up Modems or Wide Area Networks (WAN) using Telnet or Web Browsers
  • Reboot switches are available with up to 20 power outlets

Effectively manage Network Equipment and Power Distribution
Combine Serial Console Management and Power Management with the RSM Hybrid Solution.

  • Remote control up to 8 serial console port
  • Reboot up to 8 devices

Efficiently controlling and managing your remote network server power can reduce your energy consumption and improve operational performance.

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