Record and Analyse Data and Signals with Data Acquisition Equipment from TechRentals

TechRentals offer Data Acquisition Equipment for hire or purchase from many leading brands that can be used in a range of industries

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TechRentals’ range of data acquisition devices (DAQ) allows users to record data like electrical currents and voltage or measure temperature, pressure or humidity levels. The DAQ systems available are sourced from from leading brands including Datataker, Fourier, Hioki, Yokogawa and Testo.

Accurately record and analyse data

  • Troubleshoot equipment faults
  • Maintenance and installation of air conditioners and refrigerators
  • Record sequential data
  • Use data acquired for automotive engineering and maintenance
  • View data where no electrical power is available
  • Maintain, install and troubleshoot signals and cables
  • Record and analyse power loads

TechRental’s supply Data acquisition systems for all industrial applications including agriculture and livestock management, utilities, manufacturing, security, research and development, environmental monitoring, transport and logistics, building and construction and OH&S.

TechRentals ensures that all data acquisition equipment sourced from reputable brands are user friendly.
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