Real Time Dust Monitoring Equipment from Kenelec Scientific

Kenelec Scientific supplies the range of DustTrak II dust monitors for accurate readings.


Kenelec Scientific supply a wide range of real-time personal monitors, and laser based portable dust monitors for environments were workers are at a higher risk of exposure to potentially harmful air particles.

The range of Real-time personal dust monitors include: 
The SIDEPAK AM510 series of personal aerosol monitors, allows for workers to clip monitors on to their belt for constant logging of exposure. The range includes models; TSI AM510-1, TSI AM510-2, TSI AM510-3. All are intrinsically safe when used with the battery option. Other features include:

  • Built in sampling pump 
  • Shows data in both real-time aerosol mass concentration and 8-hour time weighted average
  • Measures all popular PM fractions, PM1, PM2.5, PM4 and PM10
  • Ideal for infoor air, environmental and OH&S work

The range of Real-time laser based monitors include: 
DustTrak Models 8530, 3330 and 8532 provide desktop and portable handheld units for any application and perform in-line gravimetric analysis for custom reference. Other features include:

  • Features new graphical user interface with a colour screen for easy viewing
  • Measure aerosol concentrations  corresponding to PM1, PM2.5, PM10 or Respirable size fractions
  • Ideal for aerosol research, emissions monitoring and engineering monitoring

The range of Real-time Portable Dust monitors/ simultaneous PM Fraction Measurements includes:

  • The advanced TSI 8533 and TSI 8534 DustTrak monitors; the only models capable of measuring size and mass fraction at the same time. Among other benefits, both models feature:
  • The TSI 3321 Aerodynamic Particle Sizer, produces ultra high accuracy and can be used with the optional Aerosol Diluter for higher concentrations.
  • The TSI 8535 Outdoor Environmental Enclosure, offers you the ability to mount a chosen device into an outdoor weatherproof enclosure for tripod based or fixed continuous monitoring or boundary monitoring applications.

The range of Real-time portable dust monitors/ optical particle counters and sizers  includes:

  • PMS HandiLaz Mini Particle Sizer
  • TSI; 9303-0, 9306-03, 9306-04, 9306-V2 Particle Counters
  • PMS Lasair III; 310C, 350L, 5100, 110,  Particle Sizers
  • TSI 8525 P-trak Ultra-fine Particle Counter
  • TSI 3007 Ultra-fine Particle Counter
  • PMS Nano ID Wide range particle sizer

For more information on the ranges available from Kenelec, you can email using the link below, visit their website, or contact them direct.

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