RAPPLON Power Transmission Belts and BEHAbelt PU Belting

Rydell carry the largest inventory of belting materials across Australia including BEHAbelt Thermoweldable Belts and RAPPLON High Performance Flat Belts

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As an independent supplier, Rydell offer the largest branch
operated network in Australia to provide complete coverage to all
manufacturing, industrial and commercial facilities.

Rydell carry the largest inventory of belting materials and
products across Australia including:

  • BEHAbelt Thermoweldable Belts
  • RAPPLON High Performance Flat Belting

With a wide selection of Thermowelable Belts from BEHAbelt ,
Rydell supply a range of extruded profiles in various shapes and sizes. Rydell
employ the latest technology in high speed friction wleders to ensure the
highest quality joins for both Vee and Round Belts.

BEHAbelt Green PU and Red PU range are available in rough
and smooth surface finishes

BEHAbelt Green PU:

  • Ideally suited for power transfer in machines,
    devices, metal engineering and conveyors
  • Medium hard material
  • Hollow round belts are available in yellow with
    a smooth surface and green with roughened surface

BEHAbelt Red PU:

  • Suitable for lead-in conveyors as well as units
    with small deflection pulleys
  • Superior elasticity
  • Effective in the transportation of frozen goods
  • Strength in energy transfer and load handling

Rydell also sell and install RAPPLON High Performance Flat
Belting manufactured by Ammeraal Beltech. The belts are constructed of high
quality materials to provide exceptional service life under all conditions.

The range of Ammeraal Beltech RAPPLON Belts includes:

  • Quick Splice Belts
  • Folder and Carrier Belts
  • Tubewinder Belts
  • Live Roller Belts
  • Quick Splice Folder Carrier Belts
  • Flat Drive Belts
  • Flat Transfer Belts
  • Ultrafeed Feeder Belts
  • Box Folding Belts
  • Feeder and Box Folding Belts
  • Truly Endless Feed Belts
  • Sheeter Belts
  • Paper Transfer Belts
  • Mail Sorting Belts
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