Railway Lifting Equipment From Vector Lifting

Innovative, efficient and safe railway lifting equipment. Includes railway jacks, train jacks,

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Railway Jacks from Vector Lifting have been developed to facilitate safety, high efficiency and high productivity, performed on rail stock, electric and diesel multiple units, passenger trains and locomotives.

Complete lifting jack systems
Through years of experience Vector Lifting has developed a range of fixed and mobile Screw Jacks which feature cantilevered extendable anvils for positioning and vehicle pick up, as well as double lifting jack systems which provide both vehicle and bogie removal lift applications. 

  • Railway Jack capacities in excess of 35 tonne per jack
  • The availability to link and operate multiple jack arrangements
  • Total flexibility offered to satisfy the client’s needs

Vector Lifters Product Range

  • Railway Jacks, Train Jacks, Railway Lifting Systems
  • Underfloor Lifting Systems, Above Floor Lifting Systems, Drop Tables
  • Turn Tables, Bogie Drop Tables, Bogie Assembly Hoists
  • Mobile Jacks, Mobile Rail Jacks, Mobile Train Jacks

Heavy lifting equipment for railway maintenance
Vector Lifting is recognised throughout Australasia as the leader in Heavy Vehicle Lifting Equipment, particularly when it comes to Railway maintenance equipment.

With over 25 years experience in this specialised field, Vector Lifting has the engineering solutions for all types of materials handling problems.

Efficient maintenance and service facilities can mean the difference between acceptable and unacceptable profits. This is especially true when that facility is for light or heavy railway systems, urban transport authorities or long haul passenger and freight terminals.

The innovation and engineering excellence found in all Vector products has contributed to Vector Lifting’s rapidly developing global reputation as a leader in design and construct projects for this market.

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