Radio Frequency (RF) Test Equipment from TR

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Testing Radio Frequency Equipment or Networks

The TR difference is the friendly expert advice you 檒l receive from our technical applications team, extensive inventory and nationwide service and flexible solutions including rental, purchase, service and calibration.

Range of Radio Frequency Test Equipment from TR

TR’s range for hire or purchase includes:

RF signal generators, Digital signal generators, Frequency counters, RF sweep generators, RF amplifiers, spectrum analysers, tracking generator, vector measurements, frequency converter, vector network analyzer, microwave test set, microwave sitemaster, s-paremeter test set, antenna and cable test equipment, network analysers, field strength meters, communications test sets, EMC test equipment, power meters, RF attenuators, band pass filters, distortion analysis, radiation hazard monitor, current immunity tester, static dis-charge generator, automated step transformer, microwave leakage detector, nuclear monitor, vector voltmeter, dual channel power meter, clamp-on power meter, digital RF power meter, wide range power meter, VSWR meter, directional power meter, power reflection meter, coaxial step attenuator, coaxial resistor, waveguide directional coupler, audio generator, audio analyzer, random noise generator, distortion generator.

Applications for Radio Frequency Test Equipment

TR’s radio frequency test equipment have a broad range of applications including: 

RF engineers, RF designers, RF manufacturers, radio network operators and carriers, RF field service technicians, RF system installation, RF commissioning, RF fault finding, EMI measurements, military communications, RF service providers, spectrum management, RF R and D, spectrum analysis, repairing RF systems, designing RF systems, testing RF systems, troubleshooting RF systems, frequency domain measurements, RF planning.

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