RADCOFLEX Stripwound Flexible Metal Hoses

RADCOFLEX manufactures a complete range of stripwound flexible metal hoses in galvanised and stainless steels


RADCOFLEX manufactures a complete range of stripwound
flexible metal hoses in galvanised and stainless steels that can be used in a
variety of applications and environments. 

These hoses are produced by roll forming a profile into a
metal strip and helically (spirally) winding the strip over a mandrel. The hose
gets its flexibility and suppleness from the sliding of metal components within
the locksection. 

Some stripwound metal hoses have a packing material fed into
the profiled locksection to provide the hose with pressure capabilities. 

There are two categories of stripwound hose: Interlocked and Squarelocked. 

Interlocked hoses are
robust and strong even under elongated stress, and present the following advantages:

  • -They are ideal for conveying exhaust gases,
    grain, animal feed, pellets, dust, and as a mechanical protection for cables,
    wires, and other hoses;
  • -A high temperature composite packing material
    can be introduced to the interlocked section to increase the hoses pressure
    capabilities, and enable them to be used in more arduous industrial
    applications such as the conveyance of bitumen and steam.

Squarelocked hoses
are supple and flexible, with the following characteristics:

  • Squarelocked metal hoses have a square ridge
    profile and, due to the type of locksection, are very supple and flexible;
  • A packing seal can be introduced to give the
    hoses a low pressure capability;
  • They are ideal for conveying sawdust, hot air
    fumes, or as mechanical protection for electrical wiring.

Listed below is RADCOFLEX
range of stripwound metal hoses:

  • ADL: suited to the conveyance of dust,
    sawdust, shavings, fume extraction and hot gas;
  • Flexi-flue: developed for the ducting of
    flue gas, fumes, and smoke from wood burning stoves and fireplaces, especially
    when the wood has a high sulphur content;
  • HPI high pressure tight: the ideal hose
    for the conveyance of bitumen, corrosive fluids, oxygen, steam, abrasive and
    pulverised products in rigorous conditions;
  • Polylock: used primarily in the
    conveyance of gases in vehicle exhaust systems and for applications requiring a
    strong light weight materials handling hose;
  • SL: used in the large volume transfer of
    dry bulk materials, plastic pellets etc , providing cost effective loading and unloading turn-around times;
  • SPI: for the conveyance of animal feed,
    dust, exhaust gas, hot or cold air, and armouring of technical hoses – all applications
    requiring a very strong, resilient and flexible hose;
  • UPI: a lighter weight version of the SPI
  • UPS, APS & RPS: ideal for the
    mechanical protection of rubber hoses, electrical wiring, hot air, and
    applications requiring a light and economical product.

RADCOFLEX stripwound metal hoses are manufactured in
accordance with generally recognised industry standards including International Standard ISO 15465.

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