RADCOFLEX Rubber Hoses and Assemblies for the Transfer Conveying of Liquids and Gases

Quality RADCOFLEX rubber hoses for a range of applications as well as complimenting hose accessories.


RADCOFLEX Australia offers a wide range of rubber hoses for the transfer conveying of liquids and gases. A variety of synthetic rubbers have been developed which are used in rubber hoses.

Comprehensive Rubber Hose material choices to suit the hose application

  • NBR: Predominantly for petrol and oil hoses due to its excellent oil resistance and moderate resistance to aromatics
  • EPDM: Suitable for water and air hoses due to its excellent ozone and aging characteristics and steam resistance
  • UHMWPE: For chemical hoses due to its excellent resistance to chemicals and acids
  • Each rubber hose has a Pressure Rating (WP), this is the Working Pressure, which is the maximum pressure to which the rubber hose can be subjected to including pressure surges (a rapid rise or fall in internal pressure)

High performance Rubber Hose Assemblies include:

  • Camlocks
  • Threaded ends
  • Flanges
  • Muff couplings
  • Pipe ends
  • End fittings can be attached using a metal band strap, clamping or crimp swaging
  • Crimp swaging provides the most secure result whilst strapping should only be used on low pressure non critical applications
  • RADCOFLEX can attach end fittings using all three methods, or can provide a customer with the components to assemble on site

Safety Factors as defined by individual Data Sheets

  • Clear safety factor indication as per the application and pressure requirements for the Rubber Hose
  • In more hazardous critical applications, higher safety margins are used. For example for Steam, a safety factor of 10:1 is used, however for low pressure water delivery a safety factor of 3:1 may be used.  

Ensuring the right hose for the right application, a copy of a Rubber Compatibility Table is available from RADCOFLEX upon request.

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