RADCOFLEX Fabric Expansion Joints Provide a Viable Alternative in Applications Requiring Lightweight Joint

Lightweight and chemical resistant fabric expansion joints for dry, wet and moist applications


The RADCOFLEX fabric expansion joints compliment the metal expansion joints and provide a viable alternative in applications requiring a light weight joint, relatively low temperatures and zero spring rate.

The most sophisticated heat sealable fluoropolymer resin based fabrics

  • Fabrics are mechanically rugged
  • Lightweight and offer excellent chemical resistance
  • Choose from 4 basic fabric styles for dry, moist and wet applications

Dry Gas Services range includes:

  • DRYSEAL 30: Lightweight and suitable for light duty fans applications or breach seals
  • DRYSEAL 70: Normal weight version, suitable for baghouses, flue gas ducting and turbine exhausts
  • DRYSEAL 140: Heavy duty version, ideal for power plants, cement industries and ships
  • AIRSEAL: Silicone and fibreglass composite with durable coating. Allows bonding (using a room temperature curing silicone adhesive) for expansion joint applications

Advanced Wet Acid Services with CHEMSEAL zero porosity fabric

  • Highest continuous temperature service of 315 C in single ply
  • Incorporates fluoropolymer coatings
  • Developed to service high temperature and chemical applications
  • Ideal in high acid areas where the dew point is reached each 24 hours such as energy refuse and wet scrubber service 

Diverse industry applications include:

  • Baghouses
  • Flue Gas Ducting
  • Stack and Breaching Seals
  • Wet and Dry Scrubbers
  • Power Boilers
  • Grate
  • Fans
  • Coal Feeding
  • Absorbers
  • Recovery Boilers
  • Precipitators
  • Turbine Exhaust
  • Dust Conveyance and Control
  • Ventilation Ducts
  • Flue Gas Ducts
  • De dusting Ducts
  • Turbine Exhausts
  • Breach Seals
  • Energy Refuse
  • Wet Scrubber Service

Heat sealable fabrics are available as a belt (strip of fabric) for splicing and fitting on site by the customer. RADCOFLEX recommends that applications with high flow rates of conveying fine particles are fitted with liners.

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