Quick And Easy Stormwater Drain Protection by Spill Station

Spill station Australia offers stormwater drain protection to stop potentially hazardous particles from flowing into stormwater systems


To seal off a stormwater drain from ingress of accidental spill pollution or to prevent particulate matter from entering the stormwater system.

Differentiating Features
The stormwater drain seal and flexible spill barrier are made from high density pvc which has excellent chemical resistence . They are packaged in a hi-visability yellow bags and the drain seal comes with a mounting hook for positioning on a wall near the drain.

The flat drain guard is located in the drain to catch particulate matter and keep it from entering stormwater. Absorbents are included to allow for the collection of oil/fuel from the water.

The sediment retention booms in lengths of 1 , 2 & 3 metres are ideal for building sies or roadworks .simply fill with sand as required to keep your sediment “on site”.

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