PT Rescue Now Exclusive Distributor for the full range of AWG Fire Products and Alco Ground and Vehicle Monitors in Australia and NZ

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PT Rescue is very excited to announce that we are now the
Exclusive Distributor for the full range of AWG Fire Products & Alco
Monitors in Australia & New Zealand. This will give the local market access
to one of Europe leading manufacturers of Fire Products, all backed by PT
Rescue product expertise, service capability and stockholding. We look
forward to introducing these products and sharing more information in the
coming months. In the meantime, below is a very brief look at some of the huge
range of products on offer:


A full range of Storz, BSP Thread, Multilug System,
British Standard, French Standard, North American Standard, Russian Standard,
Italian Standard, Spanish Standard, Finnish Standard, Norwegian Standard and
Swedish Standard.


Standpipes, Suction Strainers, Ejector Pumps, Hoses,
Siameses, Dividers, Pressure Relief Valves and Inductors.

Nozzles & Branchpipes

Select Flow Nozzles, Fixed Flow Nozzles, Automatic
Nozzles, Pistol Grip Nozzles, Combi Nozzles, Special Application


A Comprehensive Modular Product Portfolio allows full
customisation to your exact needs.

Pump Accessories 

Pressure Valves, Ball Valves, Piston Intake Valves &
Gate Valves.

Preventative Fire Protection

Valves, Pressure Reducer Couplings and Building Supply Fittings.

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