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PT Poly Bodies

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The PT Polypropylene plastic bodies are suitable
for utes and vans and are ideal for any users that want a lightweight
indestructible ute pick up body. Manufactured from Polypropylene plastic, PT
Poly Bodies possess many advantages over current aluminium and fiberglass

As a rule of thumb, Polypropylene is 10% – 20%
lighter than a comparable steel or aluminium build, this ultimately increases
the vehicle payload and provides improved vehicle economy. Our Polypropylene
bodies come with a10+ year
and can be swapped
onto new chassis, year after year, without compromising this warranty. PT Poly
Bodies provide an alternative to the traditional steel service body materials
that are prone to rust and corrosion, and to fibreglass bodies which are
susceptible to cracking. Our true, long-life bodies will provide an outstanding
appearance year after year on chassis after chassis. In addition, these bodies
are lighter in weight than conventional steel or fiberglass bodies, thereby
allowing for increased payload or improved fuel economy.

The polypropylene used is 12mm thick for the walls
and 15mm for the frame and seams are welded, giving the body incredible
strength. PT Poly Bodies are extremely durable and have a superb resistance to
impact due to their strength and flexibility. In most low speed impacts there
is little or no damage as the polypropylene absorbs the impact and springs back
into its original shape, at a higher speed the plastic eliminates the shock
transfer through the body keeping damage to a minimum. Polypropylene will not
crack, corrode or suffer from stress fractures associated with driving on
gutted corrugations of the Australian outback roads. Our bodies are so strong
they can withstand the impact of a sledgehammer, try that on a steel or
fiberglass body!

PT Poly Bodies offers the following advantages over
traditional aluminium and fiberglass designs.

  • Tailored to suit an individual requirement dependent on
    equipment to be carried
  • Lifetime warranty (10 years plus)
  • Lightweight increase in the vehicles payload
  • Corrosion resistance able to withstand a variety of aggressive
  • Heat resistance
  • Durability will not crack like GRP or corrode like metal
  • Impact resistance and reparability (can be hit with a sledge
    hammer with no damage) can be plastic welded in the event of accident
  • Load bearing roof no need for additional roof racks
  • Low maintenance
  • Excellent internal visibility and sound insulation
  • Doesn absorb heat, little or no heat build-up inside of the body
  • 100% recyclable at end of life

Our polypropylene bodies can be fully customised
and manufactured to fit any make or model, double cab, Extra cab, Single cab
ute which can new or a used vehicle. Their internal design is also tailored to
carry the individual customers equipment as required. Customers can get three
or four swap-outs of a body if they are changing over vehicles every three or
so years.

Contact PT Hydraulics Australia for more information.

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