Proximity Sensors


Turck Australia’s contactless proximity sensors provide reliable and accurate detection in simple or challenging industrial applications.

Inductive proximity sensors provide wear-free and non-contact detection of metal objects, with either discrete or analogue outputs. Turck’s Uprox sensors provide long detection distances and factor 1 sensing on all metals. With a multitude of special models for different applications and environments Turck has the right sensor for just about every requirement.

Capacitive proximity switches provide non-contact and wear-free detection of both metal (electrically conductive) and non-metal (electrically non-conductive) objects. Turck’s capacitive sensors are suitable for a wide range of industrial detection tasks including level detection of solids and liquids.

Magnetic proximity sensors detect magnetic fields and feature large switching distances from small housing sizes. Turck’s magnetic proximity sensors can detect permanent magnets through non-ferromagnetic materials such as wood, plastic, aluminium and stainless steel.

Magnetic field sensors are commonly used to detect the position of the piston in pneumatic cylinders. With a wide range of body types and mounting options available, as well as special models for challenging environments Turck’s electronic magnetic field sensors

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