Proximity Sensors from SICK

Accurate Proximity Sensors provides non-contact detection of a variety of materials and media.

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Developed from leading SICK research and development, Proximity Sensors effectively detect solid products without direct contact. Depending on the material of the object SICK have designed a range of sensor technologies to suit your process.

Inductive Proximity Sensors for detection of metal

  • Highly suitable in almost every facet of factory automation these intelligent sensors can reliable carry out industry specific as well as customised tasks.
  • Cylindrical thread design: Available in range of options including miniature, standard, triple sensing and high pressure
  • Rectangular housings: Long sensing distances in options of miniature, standard and flat designs
  • Cylindrical sleeve design: Designed in both miniature and standard versions, the mini model is IP67 rated and is housed in 3 and 4mm diameters
  • Sensors for food and beverage: Versatile and strong stainless steel design with IP68/69K water tight rating
  • Devices for explosive atmospheres: Housed in M8 to M30 for use in hazardous atmospheres

Capacitive Proximity Sensors for detection of all materials

  • Level and feed monitoring of a range of solid materials with sensing distances between 1 and 25mm for application in extreme industrial conditions.
  • Cylindrical thread designs: IP67 rated enclosure and M18/M30 housings available with 8-25mm sensing range
  • Rectangular housing: Teach-in via button or COM-input, sensing ranges of 10-25mm and potentiometer adjustment options
  • Food and beverage: PTFE housing and enclosure meeting IP67 standards

Magnetic Proximity Sensors for detection of magnets

  • An extensive range available standard and advanced sensing ranges to suit your application.
  • Cylindrical thread designs: Compact design with up to 120mm high sensing range and designed with resilience to extreme conditions
  • Rectangular housing: Able to detect target through walls with a sensing range of up to 120mm and exceptionally hardwearing
  • Devices for explosive atmospheres: Up to 70mm sensing range, Namur pursuant EN60 947 5-6 and classified PTB 03 ATEX 1398

Precision detection with no contact, SICK Proximity Sensors offers the durability for extreme industrial applications and intelligence to solve industry specific and customised automation tasks.

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