Protect Your Working Environment with Spill Management Solutions from Enware Australia

High performance Spill Management Solutions from Enware intelligence ensures safer protection from potential hazards.

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Biohazards stemming from body fluid and chemical spills can lead to dangerous infections and diseases if not controlled and managed correctly.

To protect your working environment and eliminate the risk of infection, the comprehensive range of ZeoMed Spill Kit solutions from Enware intelligent development ensures your workplace is protected against potential hazards.

Quick and complete response solution for general and body fluid spills

High performance ZeoMed delivers protection against hazards such as:

  • Blood borne pathogens
  • Infectious diseases
  • Biohazards
  • Cytotoxic hazards
  • Chemicals
  • General spills

Designed to suit any domestic or commercial application, ZeoMed’s comprehensive range will have an effective solution to suit you
Effective ZeoMed range includes:

  • Body Fluid and Biohazard Spill Kits: Developed for effective protection from hazardous blood, vomit, urine and faeces borne pathogens, hepatitis and infectious diseases
  • Cytotoxic Spill Kits: Comprehensive kits including a body fluid and a chemical option, specifically developed for the ancillary risks associated to cytotoxic medicines
  • Laboratory Spill Kits: High performance natural and non-chemical clean up powder enhanced with odour suppressing capabilities for application in laboratories
  • General Purpose Spill Kits: All inclusive solution for slip and infection protection, highly compatible for use in restaurants and retail store for effective coverage of a diverse range of spill liquid including body fluid, detergents and cooking oils

Facilitating stringent high standards of protection, Enware’s high performance Spill Management Solutions have been effectively integrated worldwide in a number of leading facilities and adhere to certified ISO quality standards.

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