Protect Server Rooms, Data Centres and Critical Facilities with Environmental Monitoring Systems from Interworld Electronics

Implement climate and power monitoring with indoor and outdoor environmental monitoring systems from Interworld Electronics

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Environmental threats in your server room can cause a lot more damage than hardware or software problems.

Redundant hardware, backup tapes, UPS battery arrays, generators and other fault-tolerance measures can all be rendered useless if your server room overheats or floods.

Environmental Monitors protect server rooms, data centres, laboratories and outdoor facilities that require climate monitoring and control. 

Monitor critical sever room environmental and security conditions
The ENVIROMUX-SEMS Advanced Server Environment Monitoring System utilises an array of sensors to monitor critical sever room environmental and security conditions. The system will notify administrators when an environmental sensor goes out of range or a security sensor is triggered.

  • Wide range of sensors
  • Configurable sensor thresholds
  • Notification via email, alarm beacon, front panel LED indicators or Web page
  • Compatible with network management (SNMP) software
  • Sends SMS messages (via external GSM or 3G modem)
  • Optional Management software provides a graphical user interface that can manage up to 3000 ENVIROMUX-SEMS Systems

Protect small to medium server installations
The ENVIRONMUX-MINI-LXO, ENVIROMUX-SEMS-5D, ENVIROMUX-SEMS-2D are ideal for small to medium sized server installations and provide: 

  • Up to 5 RJ45 ports for connecting external Temperature and Humidity sensors
  • 5 digital inputs, 5 Alert methods and 2 Control methods 

Web-Based Remote Temperature, Humidity and Dew Point Monitor
The extremely compact GBB15 climate monitor can be placed almost anywhere. 

  • Built-in sensors measure temperature, humidity and Dew Point
  • User defined alarm points can be set to notify system administrator when extreme conditions occur.

Web-Based Remote Monitors
The sophisticated rack mount GSRO provide relay outputs to control external warning devices and environmental control systems.

  • Supports a wide range of external digital and analogue sensors
  • Monitor Temperature, Humidity, Dew Point, Moisture, Water Leakage, Air Flow, Smoke, Voltage and Current
  • Built-in Web Server with IP Camera support

Monitor temperature, pressure, humidity, water leakage and more
The ENVIROMUX-MINI-O Outdoor Environment Monitoring System comes in a sealed, weatherproof, lockable enclosure and is ideal for agricultural monitoring:

  • Connect Temperature, Humidity and liquid detection sensors
  • Digital inputs can monitor contact closure for irrigation system monitoring and intrusion detection

Prevent a server room catastrophe and protect your assets with Environmental Monitoring Systems from Interworld Electronics.

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