Production 3D Printers for Engineers from 3D Systems

3D printers for engineers and designers, providing professional grade printing of plastic parts

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3D Systems offers a comprehensive range of SLA and SLS production printers and precision materials for engineers and designers to produce quality professional grade parts. 

Stereolithography (SLA) Printers
The founder of 3D Systems, Charles ‘Chuck’ Hull produced Stereolithography in 1986.Over the year 3D Systems have continued to always provide improved production printers and materials.

SLA® Production Printers create precise parts from 3D CAD data directly without tooling. This is done by liquids and composites converting into solid cross-sections, layer by layer with an ultraviolet laser.

With a build size of up to 1524mm, these printers offer high resolution and a variety of print materials.

  • ProJet™ 6000 is the first crossover printer offering the latest utility of a 3D printer with print precision and performance quality of professional grade SLA® parts.
  • iPro™ 8000 SLA® Production Printers are mid size, offering high throughput systems with a small footprint. These 3D printers build parts quickly with smooth surfaces while being economical to run.
  • iPro™ 9000 SLA® New Generation Production 3D Printers print accurate parts at high speed with a great range of print materials.

Selective Laser Sintering (SLS®) Printers
With a build size of up to 30 inches (750mm), these printers create your design into an end-use plastic part without the tooling process.

  • sPro™ 60 SLS® New Generation Production Printers offers faster build speeds, lower printing costs and best-in-class part accuracy.
  • sPro™ 140/230 SLS® Production Printers are the next level of speed, build envelope and performance.

SLS Case Study – “A Manufacturing Revolution – Custom Prosthetics”
Using 3D Systems’ next generation SLS® technology, Bespoke Innovations is able to quickly design and manufacture beautiful prosthetic limb fairings customised for each customer. Please view Product Brochure for full story.

SLS and SLA Case Study – “3D Rapid Prototyping Fast Tracks GM Fuel Efficiency Gains”
Deep inside the GM Design building where future products from Chevrolet, Buick, GMC and Cadillac take shape and substance, an elite team fashions components, intricate sub assembles and entire scale model cars from highly specialized three-dimensional rapid prototyping manufacturing equipment from 3D System. Please view video below for full story.

Design Software
Alibre Design™ 2012 is the latest in 3D design software, delivering professional-grade CAD design and simulation solutions.

It boasts an intuitive new user interface that is simple to use for professionals and easy to learn for beginners. Significant performance enhancements coupled with an expanded tool suite allow design professionals, students and consumer’s access to completely new work flows to accelerate their projects.

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