Product Solutions for the Food and Beverage Industry – Hygienic Pneumatic Cylinders from Festo

Festo provides product solutions for the food and beverage industry

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Festo provide innovative clean line pneumatic cylinders tailored specifically for the food and beverage industry. With a focus on food safety and protection against corrosion, grease residue and dirt build up, the latest pneumatic cylinders from Festo provide the ideal solution for your food production requirements

Minimise contamination in food production

The new generation of pneumatic drives from Festo provide a cost-effective alternative to specialist high-end components for the food and beverage industries. The actuators employ ‘Clean Design’ principles to help minimise contamination risk, and are ideal for use in aggressive environments where frequent wash-down procedures are implemented. 

Reduce wear and increase productivity with self adjusting cushioning
Festo DSBF and CRDSNU feature self adjusting cushioning PPS which reduces maintenance and cleaning times, as well as providing optimum cushioning at all times.Other features include:

DSBF ISO cylinders

  • Easy-to-clean cylinder profile without corners or crevices (stainless steel cover screws)
  • Hygienic mounting rail for sensors
  • Hygienic self-adjusting PPS cushioning
  • Standard dimensions and mounting accessories to ISO15552
  • Corrosion-resistant cylinder surface, resistant to use of industry-standard cleaning agents 
  • Lubricating grease and special wiper seals according to FDA, suitable for contact with food 
  • Wiper seal options include dry running variants for unlubricated operation (for when aggressive cleaning agents flush away assembly grease)

CRDSNU clean line cylinders

  • Modular cylinder system with numerous variants
  • Dimensions largely conform to ISO 6432
  • Rigorously meets “Clean Design” criteria
  • Lubrication and seals of basic  version with FDA approval
  • Good corrosion resistance, even under aggressive environmental conditions
  • Long service life with optional dry-running seal for frequent wash down environments
  • Two-part bearing cap for fast replacement of piston rod scraper 
  • Available with PPS self-adjusting end-position cushioning

Pneumatic cylinder solutions from Festo are ideal for use under harsh environmental conditional including the food and packaging industry as well as chemical and medical technology.

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