Product Design and Development Services from 3D Systems Asia Pacific

Product Design and Development Services by Formero assist companies in creating accurate designs for higher productivity

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3D Systems offers product design services and product development services, supporting small and big businesses to carry their products to the market.

Using prototypes is vital for the right design for production. Rapid prototypes, CNC models, 3D printed parts and injection moulded prototypes can all be used to produce product concepts.

Product Design and Development Services
Examples of how prototypes are used in the product development process include:

  • Checking assemblies fit together
  • Function and engineering tests (underwater applications, heat stress, performance tests)
  • Checking the weight and feel of the product before commencing manufacture
  • Market research (does the consumer like the product)
  • Air flow and wind tunnel tests
  • Communication model between engineers, contractors, and packaging companies

Architectural Models
The improved and more efficient process of developing architectural models includes scale free form models from 3D CAD data in a few hours.

Once 3D Systems’ project managers have the 3D CAD data, they help the client choose the ideal process.

Design for Manufacturing (DFM) Services
DFM is important during the design process to prevent costly design changes later on. Benefits include:

  • Increases reliability – less parts, less chance for error
  • Higher quality
  • Simplifies production – streamlined processes
  • Improves bottom line – less parts, less error and therefore less return and management of defects
  • Time to market – less development time, refining and tuning

Consequently, customers can reduce their tooling and part price by more than 20% to improve your competitive edge.

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