ProDesign’s celebration range of confetti, streamers and launchers

roDesign offer the exciting Celebration range of confetti, streamers and launchers in Australia.

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ProDesign offer the exciting Celebration range of confetti, streamers and launchers in Australia.

The Celebration range is a system of disposable confetti and streamer
launchers powered by compressed gas and feature a safe and regulation free
alternative to pyrotechnic effects.

The launchers are available in several sizes firing up to 25m and
covering over 140m2 and include bright and
colourful preloaded mixture of multi-coloured paper and metallic confetti and
streamers, all flame proofed and colourfast.

Operation of the handheld units is as simple as twisting the base. An
electric remote controlled range is also available for larger events.

The handheld disposable series includes:

  • 40cm Cannon –
    Suitable for smaller venues or where a controlled environment is required.
  • 80cm Cannon –
    Suitable for larger venues or outside events where a dramatic and vivid effect
    is required.
  • Champagne Cannon –
    Looking the part for any celebration, the Champagne Cannon comes in a large
    (62cm) and small (42cm) size. A small
    safety pin that is removed prior to firing minimises any possibility of
    accidentally discharging the device before required.

Introducing the new Streamer Launchers.
These launchers have 40 x 1.5cm at 10m long multi-coloured Paper or
Mylar streamers inside, ready to create a dramatic impact to any event, inside
or out.

  • 80cm Cannon with 40
    Paper Streamers
  • 80cm Cannon with 40
    Mylar Streamers

The electric disposable series include:

  • The electric barrels
    are available in 27cm and 76cm lengths to compliment any sized venue, and come
    with the same comprehensive confetti and streamer fillers.

Empty handheld and electric barrels are available for customised use
such as rose petals for weddings, etc.

ProDesign also offer a comprehensive range of separate effect
consumables. These include Confetti Paper, Confetti Mylar, Streamer Paper Tube,
Streamer Mylar Tube, Hearts and Snowflakes in various colours, shapes and

Please note that as the Cannons used compressed Gas, they are not able
to be shipped by Air.

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