Primary Packaging Pick and Place Solutions from SICK

Precision laser and camera technology from SICK innovation delivers better quality control and efficiency.

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Maintaining essentials standards for food manufacturing, Primary Packaging solutions from SICK ensure quality control with greater position detection of products on a conveyor system.

Innovative LMS400 Laser measurement systems and patented Frequency Signal Processing (FSP) technology delivers accurate picking data to robot controllers.

Producing consistent and high quality hamburgers with automated intelligence integrated before packaging using IVC-3D Smart Camera technology.

Accurate positioning and reliable picking produces high quality products

Intelligently scanning the conveyor, the LMS system detects and measures products on the belt which then sends real-data to the delta robot controller.

  • High speed correlation of data using LMS and FSP allows for rapid conveyor speed and effective production rates
  • Powerful scanner technology is not influenced by external interference, requiring no shading or illumination
  • Improve end product quality through accurate picking location and positioning
  • Drastically lower unnecessary production stops and waste caused by picking and assembling errors
  • Efficient automated robot picking reduces product changeover time and incurred costs

Exceptional efficiency and high quality hamburger control with Smart Cameras
Specified volume, dimension and shape of hamburgers are monitored and removed if they do not meet these standards, regardless of structure, colour and contrast.

  • Escalates production flexibility with easy change between products used on the line
  • Inline 3D quality control minimises costly waste and complaints while improving throughput
  • Entirely self-contained and includes all required lighting and analysis software for simple integration at a lower cost
  • Operator-centric IVC Studio user interface is easy to use and offers fast application development for time and cost saving properties
  • Simple integration effort with camera OPC server and EtherNet/IP interface for effective communication with PLCs, robots and control systems
  • Reducing unnecessary equipment requiring no PC after configuration and is an entirely stand-alone operation

Supporting your production line, SICK Primary Packaging Solutions control and monitor product standards to ensure that the end result reduces waste and minimises potential customer complaints.

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